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Here are some ideas for studying your words:
1. Have a parent, guardian, grandparent, sibling or friend quiz you.
2. Make up a word puzzle using the words.
3. Play hangman using the spelling words.
4. Write the words three times each.
5. Try to make up sentences using as many spelling words as possible.
6. Be creative and have fun studying.


Each week we do the spelling words, plus the challenge words for our test. Also included with the lists are practice dictation sentences, vocabulary words for the story, and the spelling skill that we are focusing on for the week.

All Lists: The "All Lists" file is all the spelling lists for the year in one adobe acrobat reader (.pdf) document.

Spelling Lists by Story: Click on the link to find the spelling lists by story. If the link is broken, please contact me. Link courtesy of Mrs. Waters in Davis School District.


Below are the Spelling Lists by Story, but they are the spelling words only. These lists do not contain the vocabulary words, or practice dictation sentences.

Second Grade Review Words (All third graders are expected to know these words)

Theme 1: Off to Adventure

Theme 2: Celebrating Traditions

Theme 3: Incredible Stories

Theme 4: Animal Habitats

Theme 5: Voyagers

Theme 6: Smart Solutions